TPF membership is on an individual, not practice-level, although we hope that all clinician and staff members in a practice will join. Member benefits are only available for those in a practice who are dues paying members. Membership is open to anyone supportive of this purpose – primary care clinicians, office staff, patients, and partners. 


Founding Members $1000

Join Drs. Mary Arenberg, George Schroeder, Susan Andrews, Kate Dreger, Gwen Allen, Hal Chertok, Joe Jeu, Jamie Loehr, Mary Howson and Tim Tobolic as a Founding TPF Member in recognition of TPF's partnership with you for the past, present and future.  Founding Members are eligible for appointment to the Board of Directors, will be recognized virtually and during PPRNet Events for their support and partnership.  Founding members will also receive complimentary registration for the 2018 Inaugural Meeting.

Members $300 Clinicians $50 Clinical and Administrative Staff

2018 Members will be eligible for registration discounts to the 2018 Inaugural Meeting and may participate in The PPRNet Foundation Offerings.

All members are eligible for a $300 per clinician discount with TPF's preferred reporting partner.  

Complete your membership registration today!*

*In order to streamline new registrations, we recommend that one "key contact" from each practice sign up first and provide practice information before "linking" the other members of your practice.